Some of you may have noticed that recently I’ve become very open about my opinion on marijuana legalization. I thought I might take this time to briefly go over my reasonings.

A Brief History of Cannabis

Compounds found in the cannabis plant have been used for medicine dating back 1000’s of years as a medicinal herbal remedy. With growing research and countless anecdotal reports, cannabis is becoming widely accepted as a pain control with its antioxidants and neuroprotectant features, it’s no wonder the U.S government holds a patent on those very same medicinal properties. Back in May, I added a service known as Sensory reduction therapy to my practice, I became very intrigued with the mind-stimulating effects floating could have on a person, specifically the effects on brain waves. When placed in a deprived area of all sensory inputs, your brain then creates its own. This can be a phenomenal tool in healing ones-self. It also gives you the potential to reach new subconscious domains. Cannabis can have very similar effects to deprivation therapy, which has been noted to affect the Theta brain wave state used for meditation, intuition, and memory. Cannabis has been known to affect more on an Alpha brain wave state which is used for relaxation, visualization, and creativity.

In September of last year, I attended a brain conference and be became even more fascinated with brain health, including diet, exercises, and rehabilitation of it.

Positive Effects of Using Cannabis

Through noted research and personal experiences, I knew that the brain/mind can have a positive effect using cannabis and as such, I am a firm believer that this is our future in medicine!

Since then, I have become a board member for a West Michigan Woman Grow chapter to help empower and educate the masses about this potential medicine. I am a firm believer that all diseases have an emotional connection and with all the epidemics and rise in brain/mind health concerns, including- Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and Autism (to list a few) brain/mind health has become something I am very passionate about. In time, I have decided that becoming a certified Hypnotherapist is my next step in my career choices.

I believe that the brain/mind is a minimally understood field of medicine and I am excited about getting my feet wet in this field! Where marijuana legalization takes us on an economic level is still to be said, but I know my heart is in it for the good and because of it I am excited about my prospects!!!