It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since owner, Rebecca Neil was on WGVU’s radio show discussing float therapy. This is definitely worth a listen if you are wondering if float may be for you!



Welcome to your first float experience ! At Paradigm, we will provide you with most all things needed to have a successful first float. Each float room has it’s own shower that will be used before and after each treatment.  You will be supplied a robe, reusable earplugs, and towels.  (facial wipes, Q-tips, etc. ) will also be supplied. 

Floating can be one of the most productive “do nothing’’ you’ll ever do, but their are a couple things to take note of before your first appointment.   These guidelines and recommendations will help provide you with the best float experience. 

  • Come in with NO expectations- Floating is a skill that you improve upon each time.   Your first float experience will mostly entail you acclimating to the environment.  Remember, this is your first time being at our facility and meeting our staff.  The more you do it the better you get and the easier it will be to settle into your float session each time.
  • Fill out our intake form.  This includes our waiver that will be required for your float session, but the intake form can help direct our staff to provide you with the best experience – Are you floating to reduce anxiety ?  Are you trying to achieve a meditative state ?  Heard floating might be good for sleeping ? Or do you just have specific aches and pains you are trying to address ( fibromyalgia,  arthritis etc. ). Let us know !
  • It is recommended to not shave at least 12 hours before your appointment.  The open pours can be extra sensitive to the amount to salt in the water solution.  ( initially you may feel that your skin might feel sensitive to the solution when first getting in the tank).
  • Eating a large meal before floating is not advisable, but certainly don’t come hungry.
  • Come hydrated, but not so much to where you’ll need to use the bathroom during your treatment.
  • Avoid caffeine- It interferes with most people’s ability to relax.  Floating has been know to boost peoples moods and you may not even need it !! 
  • Avoid smoking before, floaters in the past have noted when they came out of float tank not having the urge to smoke after going in with no nicotine 
  • Swimsuits and shower caps are not necessary but if you prefer one, you are more then welcome to bring it. We have a swim cap large enough to accommodate individuals with dread locks or died hair. 
  • Our float rooms are private rooms with showers and robes.  Once the initial orientation takes place you will be left on your own to experience your first float.  Make sure all questions or concerns are asked during that orientation 
  • It is not advised to have hair treatment done 72 hours before floating i.e. coloring/ perm and 2 weeks before any treatment with dark color dies.  Contamination of our tank knowing so could result in our cleaning fee and if serious contamination happens a fee for salt replacement will be issued.
  • If you are epileptic and do not have it under control, this would be the only contraindication to floatation therapy.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to float under the influences of any drugs or alcohol that would impair your judgement and compromise your safety.
  • Have music/guided imagery in mind you would like to listen to while floating ?  We have iPad/Mp3 adaptability so that you may do just that !
  • Working out can be great stimulation before floating !!!
  • If you wear contact lenses, make sure you don’t get salt in your eyes, or remove them before your float.
  • Perhaps,  intimidated about your first float? Consider adding a service like massage prior to ease that anxiety before your first plunge.  
  • Interested in acquiring the skill to float easily, consider booking multiple sessions.  We offer multiple float sessions at a discounted price to get a jump start in training. 
  • Things to consider bringing – Brush, lotion. makeup bag ( if you have plans following the float)

We look forward to facilitating your first Float session and guiding you towards a life full of options in your health journey.